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Adopt A Pony

Can you help us care for our ponies?

Looking for an unusual gift?

Why not adopt one of our ponies for only £25 a year

Our ponies do a wonderful job but it is an expensive business.  We need to find £15,000 every year to meet all of their usual costs such as feed, bedding, hay, dental and hoof care and vaccinations

All of our money comes from our supporters and fundraising efforts, so adopting one of our ponies is a great fun way to help us keep our ponies fit and well.

We are not just looking for a donation.

If you Adopt a Pony you will get:

  • A photo of your pony
  • An adoption certificate
  • A copy of our regular newsletter
  • The chance to meet your pony

It’s easy! Just choose your pony (ponies), then download and print the form, and send it back to us.

Click here for the ADOPT A PONY FORM

Our ponies

Click on Meet the Ponies or on their names to find out more  about Bobbie, Seven, and Bella




Don’t forget that you can add £6.25 to your donation by signing up for Gift Aid

How you can pay

By cheque – Just enclose your cheque for £25 with your order form

You can make a £25 donation online to MyDonate by following this link