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What To Wear

You want to be safe but comfortable when riding so here’s a general idea of what to wear.


Hat: We provide riding hats but if you would rather wear your own they have to conform to the national standards: Please contact us for up to date standards.


Trousers: Not too tight so you can move easily. Jogging bottoms are fine.


Shoes/boots: These must have a small heel so your foot doesn’t slip through the stirrup.


Jacket or fleece: Make sure to wrap up warm when it’s cold. Although the pony is doing a lot of walking, you will be sitting fairly still, so it can get a bit chilly! Make sure you zip or fasten any clothing so it doesn’t flap around and startle the pony.


Gloves: Especially in the cold weather, but they can help you hold the reins even in summer. Mitts are not so good.