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bgobbieBobbie came to us in Spring 2015 and initially we thought he might be a bear in disguise. He came with a very shaggy coat and looked like a woolly bear! With our grooming team ready for the challenge they set about finding out what Bobbie really looked like and what a handsome chap he is! He has a wonderful long flowing mane and tail which takes ages to brush! He is a quiet boy who is 11 years old and used to work as a riding school pony in the North of Scotland. He’s pretty much done it all and seen it all and because of this enjoys doing everything very slowly. He is very broad and has been likened to sitting on a sofa (in the nicest possible way!). His black coat gleams in the sunshine and he’s a pleasure to have around. He is very kind and gentle and makes him perfect for RDA work

      If you would like to adopt Bobbie, please visit our Adopt a Pony page.