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bellacropped  Bella came to us in the summer of 2014. She is black with a white stripe down her face and is 7 years old. She is around  13.2hh and is the smallest of our own ponies. She is an excellent RDA pony because she is very adaptable and can be ridden by all abilities of rider. She loves eating grass and spends a bit more time in her stable over the summer than the others do, otherwise we struggle to get her girth done up. She loves to sleep and can quite often be found having a lie down and sometimes even snores! Her stable always gets the best of the sunshine so she loves to sunbathe and likes a snooze with her head resting on the stable door. She is a favourite with our younger riders and is very patient with them. Bella is one of the ponies we take to the RDA dressage competitions and she looks beautiful with her mane and tail all plaited up.

  If you would like to adopt Bella please visit our Adopt A Pony page.